Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Polished Ambers!

The name Polished Ambers actually came from the African American cosmetic collection under Revlon headed by Creative Director Alfred Fornay.  It is the inspiration for starting Blushing Ambers, only the name "Polished makes me think of nail polish... With that said, the Polished Ambers label of this blog will refer to reviews of nail polishes that I like. (Just a little history to introduce the new label).

If you follow @BlushingAmbers on Twitter then you saw the retweet I sent out about the 50% off already sale items at the Evanston Urban Outfitters. (I tweet sales, giveaways and contests about fashion and beauty often)  Well, while standing at the register I happen to glance at the nail polish rack and grabbed two colors (Gray 4 and Nude 4) which I absolutely love!  Not only did the colors catch my eye, but the square containers did also.  Packaging and presentation are soooo important! I put on two coats and I was good to go. They are very matte (looks like the paint on walls) so adding a clear coat for shine is good too, but after a day or two there seemed to be a natural sheen.  The paint lasted about a week with no cracks or chips, but on the 6th day I did start to see the paint fading (again, no top clear coat was added).  I believe if I had added a top clear coat, this would have sealed the nail polish and it would have lasted a lot longer.  I would def recommend Urban Outfitters nail polishes.

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