Tuesday, May 17, 2011

REEL Beauty: Jumping the Broom

So this will be a new series on beauty in the big screen.  Many times we see some of the best looks and get the best ideas from celebrity hair and makeup artists.  My first opinion piece is about the recently released T.D. Jakes film, Jumping the Broom.  There are some gorgeous women in this movie, such as Paula Patton, Loretta Devine, Angela Bassett, Tasha Smith and Meagan Good.  Here is my run down on what I thought about their makeup.

Paula Patton: Very dull looking foundation, with a grey cast to it's color and as you can see, that weave was nappy! She had various scenes where her makeup and hair were a lot better.  I'm disappointed in the lack of consistency for this lead character who comes from a bougeois family. Sam Fine did her makeup for the premier and she looked 10 times better!

Loretta Devine: Not the best looking wig on her.  It was an obvious wig and a bit distracting at times. Her makeup looked super greasy. Her foundation just seemed to melt down her face.

Angela Bassett: Her hair was cute, I liked the spirals on the ends. Her makeup wasn't bad. Her skin did not have a sheen to it, but I guess that's better than appearing greasy. I would have also liked to have seen her in a brighter lip stick or something rather than her staple brown.

Tasha Smith: She always looks good. Her makeup was flawless. Her hair was in braids and this gave her a very youthful appearance - a good choice for this character (she plays a cougar who is interested in the young in age mature in mind character played by Romeo)

Meagan Good: I love, love, love her hair cut!  Her makeup on the other hand was probably the worst to me. Though her eyeshadow was perfect, her foundation was in two tones and not blended well.  The highlight was just too bright! Her cheeks were really pale and shiny. This was the most distracting makeup throughout the film.  Unfortunately I could not find a really good picture of her face in the film to show.  SN: Her butt cheeks were literally hanging out for 90% of the scenes she was in... NOT cute!

Overall: Majority of the movie I liked the hair, but I did not like the makeup in this movie.  It made the film appeared to be very low budget.  The imperfections were distracting me from the actual acting.  I couldn't pay attention to the story line because I was critiquing the foundation throughout each scene.  The makeup appeared rushed and I have no doubt that it was being that many movie sets are hurry up and wait.  I've worked on movie sets and their isn't much time for makeup for this large of a cast or even touch ups. I'm sure given more time, all of these ladies would have looked flawless.

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