Tuesday, May 17, 2011

NYX Cosmetics Sale #Fail

Similar to last year's Sleek makeup fiasco, NYX Cosmetics upset many of their customers when their 12 Anniversary sale flopped.  On Sunday May 15th at noon PST many of their products were to go on sale for $1.20.  As you can imagine, people were flocking to their site and according to NYX caused the site to crash.  "@NYXCosmetics: We prepared for this GRAND EVENT, but our dear fans and supporters have managed to swarm our sites and social nets, which is exciting!"

The company's website underwent updates the day before that cause their servers to be down.  It seemed they were preparing for the crowed they knew would support them in their 12 hour sale, but 5 hours after the sale began several people still were unable to even load the site.  The few that made it through noticed many items were already sold out.  NYX responded with a tweet that these items were sold at an unanticipated rate prior to the sale and had not been restocked. NYX sent out follow up tweets to keep their customers who were waiting patiently by their computers updated. NYX posted that the sale would officially be from 5pm to 5am and encouraged their fans not to rush the site all at once.  This however did not change the status of the website and those who were able to load the site continued to have problems throughout the night with actually purchasing and finalizing their orders.   People even reported items being switched and duplicated in carts as well as credit card and other personal information.  NYX does claim to be a secure site and these accusations were not addressed by NYX the following morning via twitter or Facebook.  Angry "friend" comments were posted on their Facebook page, which have since then been hidden, as well as personal experiences such as the one below regarding Bailey Love and Austin Richards.

In hopes to please their fans and loyal customers NYX issued an emailed code for those who tried to participate in their 12 + hour failed sale.  An offer many of the facebookers and tweeters were not satisfied with. 

"@Nyx Cosmetics: Our sale has spread faster than our gloves can reach! Thank you all and we are sorry to hear of those who have been unable to purchase as of yet. So for you all, we are offering a 50% off coupon code and free shipping throughout the week of May 16th through May 22nd. We will notify you of the code TOMORROW morning!"

Boycotts and bashing groups were formed on Facebook and some people even threatened to file reports with the Better Business Bureau.

Check out these videos from those who tried to participate in the NYX 12th Anniversary Sale

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