Monday, June 6, 2011

279 Days to Overnight Success

I recently read an ebook, 279 Days to Overnight Success by Chris Guillebeau that I found to be very helpful and inspirational. It encouraged me to work hard at making this blog a priority in my life. It helped me to realize that my passion for writing and the love of makeup can be combined to bring me great satisfaction in of life through a creative outlet. The tools and resources that I found with in its 79 pages, opened my eyes to the endless opportunities of blogging. It helped me to realize some mistakes that I have already made, but that are not too late to fix, as well as praised me for things I had done without needing to be told. With that said, as a reader/follower of Blushing Ambers. I would like to offer you much more in content and design within this online space by building a community.

I want the readers/followers to know just how serious I am about making Blushing Ambers a priority in my life. In conjunction to the knowledge I am receiving from other bloggers and designers, I am enrolled in a graduate level course that will teach me how to develop an environment that will foster an educational forum on makeup. This is great for Blushing Ambers because it brings credibility to the site, but even greater for our readers/followers who want to have more info and resources on makeup, beauty, and skin care at their finger tips.

It is my hope that as the changes within the design and content grow for the better our relationship with our readers/followers will continue also. If you were unaware of our twitter page and the many tweets we send out about internships, events and contests/givaways follow us @blushingambers. Like us on Facebook to participate in our discussions and beauty polls. These are just a few ways that Blushing Ambers is working to stay connected to you and provide you with your beauty wants.

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