Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Affirming Self Worth!

One of my goals as a writer is to clearly express the purpose and vision for this blog's existence.   As the writer, I aim to provide our readers and followers with the affirmation that they are worthy of looking and feeling beautiful.  She alone is enough!  As I have mentioned in a previous post, this blog is evolving into something much greater and stronger in several different aspects from content to design.  One of the recent updates in our design was done to the home page of our website.  The very first thing you see when you launch the home page of the site is the purpose of Blushing Ambers.  On that page I stated, "I love makeup because the time I spend doing it, is me giving myself attention".  If time is money, and I am not willing to make time for myself or PAY myself any attention, why should I expect this of anyone else?  So I've made a decision to make myself a priority and demand that others match my worth.  I've stopped complaining about a man not giving me any attention and you can believe that I don't sit around waiting for it either.  Everything I want in this universe is right at my own finger tips and I choose to believe that I deserve to have anything in it that I want.  I once read "Confidence isn't something you wear, it's something you own".  Owning confidence is a defining moment of beauty.

We all may define beauty differently, but what makes this blog special is that we see beauty as the window to self worth.  What a reader gets from our content should always be an affirmation that they are worthy of being a beautiful creature.  Also on the home page of the website, I give my points of beauty which encompass development of characteristics of beauty through mind, body and soul.  Go there now and read them, carry them with you in your purse or on an application through your phone.  Do whatever it takes to remind yourself what it takes to preserve your beauty.  I want to be inspirational as a non-traditional blogger.  I currently am not being sponsored by any outside source, but if I was to sell or endorse any product I would want it to be self worth.

I believe any girl of any size, shape and color can look good if they follow style trends and recreate looks done by their favorite makeup guru, but I want to empower other women to discover their beauty through self love.  When I write a makeup review or give product/business shoutout, Blushing Ambers isn't advertising a product or service alone, but the idea that each individual reader/follower is worthy of that luxury.  I remember watching The Little Princess as a little girl and my favorite line was, "I'm a princess, all girls are! Didn't your father ever tell you that?"  I think this stuck with me as a child because all of the father figures in my life have always made me feel that they believed I truly was a little princess.  I understand that not everyone grows up with that kind of love and support.  And even somewhere along the way, I too had forgotten that I am a princess, deserving of all things beautiful.  Each of our readers and followers deserves to look and feel beautiful.  As the face of Blushing Ambers it is my hope to continuously transfer the feeling of self worth to everyone who loves makeup and this blog.  This blog that promotes self love and self worth is a purpose that I am happy to stand by and Blushing Ambers is a brand that I am proud to represent.  Thank you for your continued support and camaraderie.

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