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Beauty Equation Challenge 2: Allure

Thursday of last week we began somewhat of an interactive book club where other bloggers and their readers joined together with Blushing Ambers and our readers to participate in Nigel Barker's challenges from his book The Beauty Equation.  As you know, Nigel Barker is a noted photographer widely known for his role as a judge on America's Next Top Model.  Just like on ANTM where the models learn a "teach" (lesson) and complete a challenge, our readers were able to do the same.  First, like Tyra, I completed the challenge for participants to see as an example. I would like to say thank you to those who took part in our very first challenge. Your submissions were beautiful headshots of yourself to use as a reference point for all the forth coming challenges.  Some were sent for my eyes only, but you can take a look at those who submitted for others to view here under Intro Challenge Submissions.

The Teach:
This weeks challenge is a bit more complex.  Let's begin with the teach. According to Nigel, Allure is  the ability to entice, invite, and attract others. What about you attracts people to you? Your personality? Infectious laughter? Wide smile? Allure is what helps you live up to your full potential in life. With that said, it is important to make good first impressions. How do you walk away as the chosen one instead of the wannabe? By putting your best foot forward at all times!

Here's Nigel's list on making a good impression:
    1. Be Neat, Clean and Groomed
    2. Stand up straight
    3. Make eye contact
    4. Listen
    5. Smile!

Here are a few more good tips:
- You are what you wear! Never dress in a way that doesn't define who you are. You can never go wrong with basics (i.e. The little black dress).
- Have you ever heard that less is more. This can refer to your accessories, makeup and sometimes how much you talk.
- Remember that hair is also apart of your ensemble. An updo that you would wear in a wedding may not be appropriate for a job interview.
- The difference between sexy and "hoochie".  Steer clear of crossing the line from flirty to overt cleavage.  Your setting and the occasion will dictate how you should dress.
 - Leave your baggage at home (If things are really bad, stay at home)
- Be impressive, not desperate or a brown noser. You don't want to appear to eager, you only want to show interest.
- Know your stuff/Be prepared. If the situation calls for a little research, be sure to take time prior to the occasion to prepare.
- Remember failure is not an option! Always think of situations in this matter and you'll be sure to end up on top.  In the times when you do not achieve your ultimate goal, if you gave your best, then you can be a winner in your own eyes.  That's what's most important since you are the one who has to live with yourself. lol. Also, many opportunities will arise because someone else may be watching and see the go-getter drive in you.
- Get out of your own way! Don't allow your personality flaws and immaturity to hold you down. Take a look at your friends and determine if your association with them could potentially conflict with the person you wish to become.
- Last, but just as important as the rest, be yourself, not an imitation of someone else. Don't portray who you think someone wants you to be, but actually be who you really are - the professional you. Knowing that people accept you for who you really are feels good.

The Challenges:
1. Take an oath
"Honesty is an active verb, not a passive noun. Go out of your way to be truthful, beginning with the things that you say to yourself." - Joe Tye, America's Values Coach
   a. "mean judge" Write down five things about yourself that you could easily improve with a little effort. (physical or personality wise)
        1. Keeping my mohawk cleaned up (I always let it grow so much that people ask if I'm growing my hair out. I'm like no! I love my hawk! lol.)
        2. I have big ta-tas, I definitely need to have better support. I'll be purchasing new undergarments
        3. I am short. I could wear clothes that make me look taller.
        4. I have never in my life had enough water intake. I can drink 3-4 bottles of water to stay hydrated, good for my skin, too.
        5. My teeth have a yellow tent to them and I want to laugh and smile more. I need to see my dentist regularly and I think I could use some teeth whitening (Maybe I'll test out the strips.)

   b. "nice judge" Write down five things about you that you feel are your most important physical attributes. What makes you unique and helps you make a good 1st impression?
        1. My smile is one of my best attributes
        2. I have a cute little button nose
        3. My eyes draw people in
        4. I have small petite hands and feet (culturally an admirable trait)
        5. I have really healthy curly hair

   c. "experienced judge" Offer yourself what you would consider sage advice. Write down five things that you feel are your most important emotional attributes, whether or not they need some improvement. What are the things inside that you feel rub people the right way when you meet them?
        1. I am approachable
        2. I always have something cordial to say
        3. I am a good listener
        4. I am honest
        5. I share stories people can relate to

2. Unforgettable
Think about your most memorable qualities (for example, a time when someone told you that they remembered you because you had an infectious laugh or beautiful smile). Embody just one of those and take a self portrait.
I was thinking about people who compliment me on my smile

3. What's Your Hook?
What is the message you most want to portray about yourself? What is it that you want the world to know about you? What do you stand for? Do you want to change the world? How? Do you want to shout out to the world that you are a kind and caring person? Are you mad as hell and not going to take it anymore? Think about it, and let your heart do the talking. Take a self portrait.

I'm a rebel...

4. The Eyes Have It
Think about one thing you want me to know about you and convey this through your eyes alone. Take a self portrait.
I contain multitudes!
As you embark on this journey feel free to ask questions, leave comments and subscribe. Good Luck! 

Look for a new challenge every Tuesday and Thursday!

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