Monday, July 18, 2011

Packing: To-Go Palettes

I will be traveling and I'm searching for the best ways to pack my makeup. Since I can't bring my entire collection, I've considered bringing a couple of palettes that have a combination of eye shadows, lip colors and blushes. I need enough makeup to create one or two simple daytime looks and dramatic evening looks. I currently own a 120 palette eyeshadow only from Bundle Monster, but I am afraid to bring something so delicate. It's also my major eyeshadow palette for my professional makeup kit and I CAN NOT afford to come back home with 120 broken eye shadows. My other two palettes are combination palettes from Iman Cosmetics that I won in the Leather and Lace contest. I think these would be a much better option for travel. You can buy these at any drug store that sales Iman Cosmetics. I've posted a pic of the palettes below. Have a look. Comment and let me know how you feel about to-go palettes and packing makeup for your travels.

Iman Palettes

St. Topaz Palette

Cote d' Azure Palette

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