Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Get Ready for Lucky Mag Challenge 2 Voting!

As you know, me and My Creative Team have been working really hard to produce some quality looks in photos, great layout and design work for the Lucky Life Editor Competition... I just wanted to get you pumped up and ready to vote (Saturday Aug 27) for Challenge 2 with this great pic! The theme is Go-To Glam, the transformation with makeup, hair and outfits. Here is a pic of me styled in my work attire.  S/O to the stylist Marcelous Daniel follow him on Twitter! Details about how to vote to follow.

Tops: navy blue blazer with silver coined buttons  (Ralph Lauren)
         white collared shirt
Bottoms: grey pencil skirt (Express)
Accessories: pearl studs (Forever 21)
                   red bow tie (H&M)
Shoes: red suede platforms with embellished back looped crossing (Charlotte Russe)

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