Thursday, August 11, 2011

What Makeup Brushes Do to Create a Flawless Face

Since we are giving away a set of Crown Brushes for one lucky subscriber, I thought I'd explain what these brushes do and how they can be used. Even if you aren't a winner, this is useful information if you choose to purchase makeup brushes in the future to create a seamless application. For giveaway details click here.

Tapered powder brush - This brush gives better applications depending on how soft it is and the type of natural or synthetic fibers that are used. Usually the powder brush is a thick loose fiber brush. This brush is used to set any foundation or concealer placed on the face.

Tapered blush brush - This brush often has a much tighter fiber strand than a powder brush and is used to apply blush to define the curvature of the cheek bones of the face

Oval fluff brush - A commonly used brush for patting and packing on powder eyeshadow or glitter.

Chisel fluff brush - This brush can be used for spreading eyeshadow as well as blending any harsh lines in eye makeup. It can also be used in the crease of the eye to place and pull eyeshadow creating a deep eyes look.

Angle liner brush - This brush is made out of synthetic fibers and is helpful when creating winged-out or cat eyeliner with creme liner. The angle on the brush helps guide the liner.

Soft fan brush - Have you ever experienced fall out, little specs of powder that fall during eyeshadow placement? This brush is great for sweeping away any messes under the eye that occur due to fall out.

Smudger brush -This brush is often used at the lashline to place and pull eyeshadow creating different affects to the eyes.

Pointed liner - This brush gives a clean, tight coat of eyeliner near the lash line and can also be used for making creative designs and looks.

Flocked sponge - Many times the first placement or application of eyeshadow can be harsh. the smudger is used to soften or smoke out an eye look.

Spoolie brush - If you've ever purchased mascara then you already know the main use of the spoolie. This brush can be used to comb lashes and eyebrows.

Oval lip brush - lip brushes are usually made from synthetic fibers. Lip brushes are good at creating an even, long-lasting application of lip color.

Brow groomer - Do you have bushy eyebrows? This is a small comb that puts those misbehavin' hairs in line.

Brush roll - This is used to hold all of your brushes in place and is practical for traveling purposes. brush rolls can be a bit expensive if you have a lot of makeup brushes and are looking to store them all. For that reason several people have begun to make their own. For a quick and easy DIY brush roll video look at this former post.

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