Thursday, September 22, 2011

Where to Find the Best 120 Eyeshadow Palettes

When I began my journey as a makeup artist I wanted to get a large quantity of quality items but I was starting with a low budget. I began searching for Youtube videos on budget or discounted makeup. I found that several gurus were mentioning their 120 eyeshadow palettes and I would see ads on Youtube for a brand that sold them. For these reasons, I opted to buy a palette of eyeshadow colors. I wanted more bang for my buck so I felt the 120 palettes were the best for me. 

Buy Matte or Shimmer?
I  then had to decide between matte and shimmer or if I wanted a combo palette. I personally prefer more natural colors, but I wanted to experiment with shimmer and thought my clients may ask for more dramatic looks from time to time as well. Knowing this I decided to purchase a combo palette with both matte and shimmer.

What you should ask before buying a brand
I watched several videos to determine what brand to buy from and what to look for. I looked for three things:

1. Pigment in eyeshadows. Were the colors during the gurus product review vibrant, true shades?

2. Broken pieces. How often did they get complaints about receiving cracked or broken pieces in the palette? How a company packages can prevent you from receiving broken pieces in your palette. Many companies may offer insurance or the ability to return items that are broken with replacement pieces or just brand new palette.

3. Cost. Many palettes now run under $25, but there are some companies that sell theirs for a higher price. Don't miss out on the good makeup deals by mistaking higher cost with higher quality.

Different 120 Palette Brands

Here are a list of brands that I trust based on several good reviews
- Bundle Monster ($25.99, I can personally vouch for its high quality and high pigmentation)
- BH Cosmetics (start off at $20, I've heard good reviews and this is a popular brand)
- Sedona Lace (a little more expensive, but a trusted brand)

Here are photos of my Bundle Monster 120 palette that I purchased off of Amazon. It is VERY pigmented. When I received it none of my pieces were broken and it cost me around $25 plus taxes, shipping and handling.

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