Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Compelling Reasons to Skip Class and Spend Your Tuition at the Mall

The cost of attending college is continuously rising, graduates are finding little relief from student debt, and the employment rate is plummeting. Most of the world still believes prestigious degree and elite internships will lead them to their dream career. That's not always true. There is compelling evidence that physical appearance matters more than college education and experience to employers. 

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis did a study and found that "beautiful people tend to earn 5% more per hour than their less attractive counterparts". (Debt Free U, 114.)

Experiments have been conducted to prove that people perceive success and power to be associate with height. Taller people are looked at as more powerful. The taller you are the more power you possess.

Height is only one discriminating factor for jobs. Weight has also been scrutinized as a item to determine pay. According to an article by Deborah S. Hildebrand, "Some surprising statistics from the Council on Weight and Size Discrimination indicate that according to a 2004 survey workers who are heavier than average are paid approximate $1.25 less an hour." (

Both height and weight are both physical attributes that a person can not drastically change the night before an interview, but students who are hoping to get that dream job can make smart choices now that will pay off after graduation.

1. Avoid the Freshman 15. Get into the routine of living a healthy lifestyle with consistent exercise and best food choices. Keep this routine going even after graduation.

2. Always Dress for Success. I've seen it so many times, students waking up 5 minutes before class with "bed-head" hair, remnants of crust and slob at the corners of their mouths and winkled clothes or worst - the pajamas they wore to bed the night before. Take pride in your appearance, because your professor will remember the day you came in looking less than prepared and ready to work when you ask for a recommendation letter.

3. Develop Your Personal Style. Your four years in college are not only meant to be spent in the books, but to discover your identity, your likes and dislikes, and your passion for living. That does not rule out exploring with your looks. Wear what gives you confidence. Learn what looks best on you because how you look is directly connected with how you feel. When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good you are more productive. 

Instead of looking to college admission as the savior for your social issues, learn how to shape your image and define yourself with your unique brand to boost your chances of living a life of happiness and success. Although the title of this post is pure satire, I encourage students to discover what college has to offer beyond a good education.

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