Thursday, October 20, 2011

How the High School Washroom Break Rule Ruined the Skin I'm In

Recently there have been lots of talk among Chicago regarding the "washroom break" rules at schools. Area high schools have only allowed students to use the washroom 3 times in a semester per class without penalty. School officials say this prevents missed information and playing hooky from class. Unfortunately this could cause problems for students, particularly females who struggle with feminine issues and bladder control which could potentially lead to future health problems.

I can relate to my experience with this unrealistic rule. As a student it seemed I always needed more restroom breaks, even though I attempted to go during the 5 minute passing period in between class. I would be reprimanded for asking for a hall pass to use the restroom if I had exceeded my washroom passes for the semester. Unfortunately, my body seemed to be on a clock. I had to go at the same time everyday. Because of this, I had to find ways to prevent myself from having to go. I would have to squeeze my knees together and pray that I could make it to the passing period to avoid accidents, even then I was worried I'd be tardy to my next class. I also stopped drinking any liquids throughout the day, even at the lunch hour to avoid having to go. I can personally attest to the health issues that this has caused me.

Since my number of washroom breaks were limited, I used tactics that have become poor habits for me today. I don't drink nearly enough water and I train myself to "hold it", waiting hours to use the restroom. I strongly believe that this has caused me to have stomach pains, digestive problems, sharp cramps and extreme dehydration. None of these are good for my skin or my health. My ability to stay focused on the subject matter at hand isn't helped by this situation either, which is the original purpose for creating the washroom break rule in the first place.

I truly hope that school administrators and faculties look into the stats that relate to students' performance as well as long-term health concerns due to their bathroom rules.


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