Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Makeup Artists Aren't Just for the Stars

There seems to be this myth that makeup artists are just for the stars and that simply just isn't true.  The most common use for a makeup artist that I've seen has been for weddings.  Brides want to look more than their everyday self on their wedding day and they take the time to plan their look. When the family flips through those wedding photo albums they will first see the bride's faces and then possibly her gown. It's great to look good, but I believe a little makeup goes a long way to make a bride feel special and deserving of all the things this world has to offer forever. Weddings are just one way makeup artists are used.

Makeup artists are also used for special events. I've done makeup for birthday parties, both attendees and the birthday girl. Many of them say they chose to spend money on a makeup artist because they wanted to have the experience. They sit in my chair, close their eyes (some even fall asleep) and when they open their eyes, it's like they have had pixi dust blown in their face. They have transformed inside and out with a boost of confidence and an extra big smile. That's the best part of doing makeup for me. I truly enjoy watching the expressions of a client after their makeup is complete.

These are just two examples of who else uses makeup artists besides celebrities and stars. I hope after reading this you will see that every woman deserves a little star treatment from time to time. If you or someone you know is in need of a makeup artist, email to book Amberly R. Carter who is represented by the image agency Polished & Pressed.

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