Sunday, January 8, 2012

6 Tips for Bridal Beauty Biss

1. MOISTURIZE THE SKIN. This is the first step to ensure your foundation will go on smoothly.

2. KEEP IT NATURAL. Using natural colors and applying them stronger will help you avoid looking dated in your photos. Avoid trendy colors.

3. APPLY FOUNDATION. Always apply concealer and foundation where needed to create a flawless face.

4. PAT, PRESS AND ROLL POWDER. To set your foundation and create a matte look, always apply powder over any liquids and cremes, that includes eyebrows.

5. DON'T FORGET YOUR NECK. Make sure your makeup is well blended and set with powder all the way down and through the neck line so that it does not appear to be two different colors in your photos.

6. AVOID SHIMMER. Too much shimmer can be reflective and appear shiny in photographs.This is especially important to remember for the brow bone.

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