Monday, January 2, 2012

My Beauty Blogger Goals for 2012

Last year was phenomenal! I took blogging serious and turned my hobby of makeup into a part time job, earning me income and discovering a whole new level of passion for the beauty industry.  I learned a tremendous amount about the business with workshops, conferences and books. I also met some life changing friends, like fashion analyst Zakia owner of Z*Boutique and my Polished & Pressed Image Agency business partner, fashion stylist Marcelous Daniel. The launch of Polished & Pressed on 11-11-11 brought on new gigs and work that took us to a whole new level and lead to the expansion of our team with hair stylist La Jauna Hardin.  Together the three of us put together a dynamic photoshoot with model Kristen Lowery and photographer Keith Luellen of SYGUProductions at Jermaine Sheppard's NV Studios (1600 S. Halsted, Chicago, IL).

All of this has encouraged me to keep pressing towards my goals.  Since I met all of my 2011 goals, I had to make new ones... So I created a 2012 Vision Board of all my goals for this year on Pinterest. Check them out!

Also, watch my new uncut vlog series I Want to Be a Celebrity Makeup Artist... Follow me in my journey to become a celebrity makeup artist.  My area of interest is print and live performance (tours and runway).  Episode One is only an introduction to many more videos to come, on the business and artistry a makeup artist needs to build a great portfolio, become agency represented, and work with celebrity stars.  

Here is my 2012 Vision Board - Have photos of your goals where you can see them and stay motivated.

Some pics from the shoot...

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