Friday, January 13, 2012

Tika at the Red Tails Premier: How would you change up her makeup?

Have you ever seen your celebrity crush rock a makeup look that you weren't so hot about? It doesn't stop you from loving them one bit, but have you ever considered finding ways to make that look work for you? You know, the way you would have done it had you been her makeup artist that night... How would you translate their look? 

Here is Tika Sumpter at this week's "Red Tails" movie premier. I think she's gorgeous, but I'm not a fan of her overly arched, uneven-off set eyebrows and pastel pink lips.  I am however, feeling the long lashes and golden yellow eyeshadow. I probably would have lightened up the eyebrows and made them a lot less stark. I also would have chosen a bolder lipstick perhaps a fuschia or even just a clear gloss to make this look more wearable.

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