Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What Kind of Makeup Would My Superhero Wear

I know this seems like a random post to talk about superheroes but I am an avid fan of Black Female Superheroes also known as Heroines.  My favorite being Misty Knight.  I won't go into her back story but she is an iconic figure in the history of Black Superheroes.  She was a character in the Marvel Comics that first appeared in 1975 with a blaxploitation image: skintight clothes, huge afro puff and long sexy legs. Misty worked as a NYPD police officer who's arm had to be amputated after an injury... Long story short Tony Stark rebuilt her a bionic arm, thus giving her super strength to go along with already kick-ass martial arts skills. I imagine my superhero would be inspired by her. My superpower would probably be something with mind power like telekinesis (moving objects with your mind) or telepathy (mind reading and thought transfer).  Both of those seemed like the coolest superpowers to have.  My superhero would not wear a mask, instead she would have stark eyebrows, color blocked, avant-garde eye color and fierce bold lips. I thought the following pics were great examples.

Misty Knight

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