Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Red Carpet Makeup from the Grammys

There were soooo many beautifully beat faces that walked the red carpet at the Grammys this year. I had the pleasure of watching this year from the comfort of my own couch. The great thing about watching from home, is that you get a close up on the makeup and outfits that celebrities are watching, no crowds!  I thought I'd share with you my favorite fiercely made up faces and what I loved about them.

I thought Adele looked stunning with her matte red lipstick. Here's a post I wrote for Fashion For A Cure on how to make red lipstick work for you. Trust, anyone can wear red if they follow those 3 steps! As stated before, she looked stunning on the red carpet, but even more beautiful on stage when she performed "Rolling in the Deep".  She had a quick lipstick change, from a statement red to gloss over her natural lip color, before  her very first live performance after throat surgery and she was amazing!

Photo Credit: Getty

Another favorite of mine was Rihanna in her sleek black plunging neckline gown. She's let go of the red hair, which made for some awkward stares a few times... Doing makeup on a red head can be hard to make work with everything.  She's gone blond now with dark brown roots and was said to have been inspired by Scar from The Lion King at the Grammy Awards this year. Her makeup consisted of heavily black lined eyes, beautifully bronzed cheeks and nude lips.

Photo Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

My hands down favorite look on the red carpet was Carrie Underwood with her long lushes lashes with a sweep of gold glitter under her lower lash line, and a soft shimmer on the brow bone. This was such a simple and elegant look that anyone can try. Her skin looked flawless and perfect. She wore peach lip shine. She didn't over do it. She truly is a natural beauty and it was evident as she walked the red carpet.

Photo Credit: WireImage

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