Monday, April 16, 2012

Body Dysmorphic Disorder Self Test - Fear of Imagined Ugliness

I ran across a BDD self test published on the website that has 8 questions. The test allows individuals to self assess their actions and thoughts about their perceived flaws.  The test is targeted for those who want to understand if their thoughts and actions are indicators of a more serious condition beyond poor self esteem, BDD. Those who suffer from BDD alter their lifestyle to avoid others seeing their perceived physical imperfections.  One question states, "Do you use makeup to minimise [sic] displaying to others the part of your body that you feel is unattractive?" I am not surprised that this question comes up on a test like this because so many people who are affected by BDD tend to list skin as their number one imperfection and they often use makeup to cover up blemishes and acne.

See the entire list of questions here:

I'm not sure how accurate this test is, but I found it quite interesting. Please tell me your thoughts.

Note that the clinical and counseling psychologists have made this disclaimer on the site, "The information and self - tests provided are for guidance and self - education. They are not a substitute for the diagnosis by a health care provider."

For more info on Body Dysmorphic Disorder, click on the BDD page tab under the blog header.

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  1. BDD can be a very disabling condition. The importance of a self test is high to distinguish yourself from being just concerned about your looks and being over concerned. Here is a poem I wrote about BDD that truly captures the sufferers anguish. I would like you to read.


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