Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lashes and a La La Anthony Inspired Look

One of the ladies on my Motives team decided she'd show me her skills and applied individual false lashes on my eyes... I wanted to share with readers so you could see the difference eyelashes make in really glam-ing up your look.

Can you tell which eye has the lashes?
(Hint: It's the one on the left)

Here is a look I created with my new lashes. I was inspired by a picture of La La Anthony. Not as perfectly blended as I could have done it, but decent for a 5 min job before work...
Look created with Motives Cosmetics available at:
La La Anthony's Makeup


  1. Using Extensions. In case you are not the kind of person who cannot wait for a long time just witness great results, you can already grow eyelashes in a salon or spa within just an hour. Many women have gotten hooked up with this means of growing eyelashes, and they simply loved the results.

    1. I got extensions done on me at a salon about a year ago. They looked fabulous, but my eyes itched and watered terribly. I don't think I will be getting them anytime soon, but I definitely believe in giving every beauty trend a second chance. Thanks for the comment. :-)


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