Thursday, May 10, 2012

Brown Beauty Blogger, Makeup Artist Amberly R. Carter to Serve as Judge at 2012 Miss Teen (Chicago)

Blushing Ambers is pleased to announce that it’s Creative Director/Brown Beauty Blogger and Makeup Artist to women of color, Amberly R. Carter has accepted an invitation to serve as a judge for the 2012 Miss Teen (Chicago), a pageant based on inner beauty.
The 2012 Miss Teen pageant does not have a swimwear competition. Contestants are judged on personality rather than looks or talent. Each contestant has a chance to let their personality shine through during their personal  interview with the judges and questions answered as they model casual and formal wear that exudes their personal style.
According to the 2012 Miss Teen website, “Over 95% of contestants participating have never participated in a pageant before.”  Each participant is provided training through classes and rehearsal prior to the event.
Though their are thousands of dollars in prizes and the opportunity to represent one’s city, this is “pageantry with a purpose”, one that brings out the best in each teen.
The intentions of this unique pageant are for the participating ladies to have the ability to gain self-confidence, build their self esteem and make life long friendships with the other contestants who are much like themselves.  It is with great pleasure and humility that Amberly represent Blushing Ambers on the 2012 Miss Teen (Chicago) judging panel, as the mission statement of both companies are jointly aligned with affirming positive messages that cultivate self-worth for women.
The 2012 Miss Teen (Chicago) pageant will take place June 1st and 2nd.
Amberly is makeup artist and beauty blogger for women of color. She shows African American, Latina, Asian, Native American and Pacific Islanders how to care for their skin from the inside out. When her clients use her products and services they experience a lifetime of flawless beauty, feel better on the inside and look better on the outside. Her clients are less stressed and have mental clarity. Amberly’s clients are able to take their careers to the next level and get the most out of life. Her clients walk away with a personal care plan of action and value themselves more. They understand that attention to beauty is attention to health.
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