Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blushing Ambers new makeover!

We have a new website!
As you know, Blushing Ambers has been working very hard to create content and engaging events for our readers. I feel that this journey has lead me much further than I ever expected to go and is taking me places I never dreamed I'd see. In an effort to share all of those exciting experiences and assist others along the way, I have decided to give Blushing Ambers a makeover. I started by merge my three websites into one. Blushing Ambers now easily makes our programs, services and products accessible on one site. We still have a few tweeks that need to be fixed and transfering old blog posts over will take some time, so please be patient as we are making this transition. You can see our transformation live at www.BlushingAmbers.com.

So, what's new?

We've all been in a place where we've felt stressed and began to let ourselves go in the beauty department. I understand, but some of us are in careers that are less forgiving. I want to help you ladies out! I have expanded my services by creating special offers for women who are serious about bringing their sexy back! I will personally work with you to develop a makeup and skin care regimen that works for you with my new beauty tele-mentorship program. Here's how it works:

Upon joining this program you will receive a custom makeup bag that is filled with all of the tools you will need to start your inner and outer beauty makeover. These items will be used as you follow along with the video demonstrations sent in the email subscription of this program. Each week a new email will be sent with a new lesson and activity.

Each lesson is followed up with a tele-conference where clients can get answers to their follow-up questions related to that week's topic or personal struggles that they would like guidance in overcoming. At times, joining the call will be, featured special guests who have a unique expertise in topics such as image consulting, weight loss/fitness, spirituality, organization, mental health, physical health, fashion and of course beauty! You can find out more about the beauty tele-mentorship programs on our new site under the tab programs.

Upcoming Workshops:
Celebrity Skincare & Makeup
July 8th (4pm - 7pm)

$5 Flat Rate Shipping 
May 21 until June 21, 2012 Customer purchasing Motives by Loren Ridinger® or Motives® for La La will receive $5 Flat Rate Shipping on their order. Shop now!
Remember attention to BEAUTY is attention to HEALTH!

Take Care!

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