Monday, October 25, 2010 Official Launch Giveaway


In celebration of the "official" launching of there will be a giveaway of some of Ambi's favorite beauty products (could include hair products as well).  The prizes will be displayed in a Youtube video.  The rules are listed below:

1. Subscribe to Blushing Ambers on Youtube and leave a comment of your favorite beauty product
2. Like Blushing Ambers on Facebook and leave a comment stating your favorite beauty product on the wall
3. Follow @BlushingAmbers on Twitter and tweet us your favorite beauty product with the hashtag #lovetheskin_u_r_n
4. Email the name of a product(s) you would like for Ambi to review by sending it to
5. Check on December 16th to find out who the winner(s) is and of course view the follow up tutorial(s)/review(s) of the product(s) you chose.  The deadline for entries is December 15th.

*Must be a resident in the USA.  If under 18 you must have permission from a parent to participate since personal private info (your address) will be submitted to Blushing Ambers.  Also, all 5 steps are necessary to win. There can be more than one winner, but only one submission per participant is allowed.  Winner(s) will be chosen at random.

Subscribe & Win My Favorite Beauty Products!
I'll be giving away some of my favorite beauty products.

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