Monday, October 25, 2010

Root Stimulator as Body Gloss???

Celebrity MUA Tick: Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Sheen Spray

My mom uses this product to give her afro a good glossy shine, so imagine my surprise to see Emmy Award winning Celebrity Makeup Artist and Beauty Expert Kevin James Bennet use this as a body shine/gloss for his models... Read what he has to say about the product on his website:

"The model's body has to be glossy...really glossy.  Put away the baby oil and for goodness sake put down the PAM cooking spray!  This is the insider solution to super glossy skin.  We know it's a "hair sheen", but it's brilliant at making skin look sensationally satiny without the thick and gooey feeling.  The price (usually under $5) and size of the container (over 15oz) makes it an even better Solution."

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