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Beauty Equation Challenge 3: Confidence

Here we are in our third challenge for The Beauty Equation.  If you need to be brought up to speed on these posts click here and jump right in!  If you want to see submissions from other readers check out the Beauty Equation Challenge Submission Page.  NOTE That we are still accepting submissions. Email them to  Also, other submissions were received but not published if the participant asked that the photos not be released. Many people are not yet ready to reveal everything about them or may be struggling with their own insecurities. That's okay! This Beauty Equation Challenge is being done as an interactive book club to encourage others to not be afraid of their natural beauty, inside and out. Blushing Ambers will not push you further than you wish to go, we can only put the information out there and pray you will grow and learn something from what has been written. As you embark on this journey feel free to ask questions, leave comments and subscribe. Good Luck! Look for a new challenge every Tuesday and Thursday!

Teach: Confidence – to believe in your power and ability

You know it’s easy to look, feel and act confident when you know you’re good at something and you should allow yourself to feel good about being good at those things. But when there is pressure from having to take center stage, you have to learn how to transform the natural human condition or apprehension about new and different things into a positive. In order to talk about confidence we have to address fear.

“Beauty is happiness. It’s going a full day without receiving a single compliment and being 100 percent confident you look amazing.” – Heather Muir, beauty editor for Seventeen Magazine

Harnessing Fear to Wrangle Success
Problems start when you let what you are afraid of rule your behavior. Transfer your anxiety into an ability to rise to the occasion and embrace your fears as an avenue to self-confidence.

Basic Equipment In the War Against Nerves
Know Your Machine! What happens when we get nervous? Our body releases adrenaline, which is produced by the adrenal gland, and this physically affects the body by increasing your heart rate, causing you to blush or have problems breathing. Perspiration, butterflies, and any number of physical quirks and ticks appear out of nowhere. The body sends adrenaline out in heightened situations, both positive and negative. You need to make note of how you personally react so that, when it happens, you have more control over it.

Here are some ways to control your reaction to your body's release of adrenaline
a. Knowing what to expect has a huge impact on our comfort and confidence levels.
b. Don’t Forget to Breathe. Adrenaline rushes often constrict the windpipes, veins, and lungs, resulting in troubled breathing. Make sure you aren’t holding your breath by accident. 
c. Remember a Jedi is Always Prepared... meaning prepare and be honest and open when you need help
d. Feel The Beat, or Borrow One!Music can help improve your confidence. Let the song empower you every time you listen. Currently, my go to song is Beyonce' "Who Run the World (Girls)".
Just as you can control your nervous behavior, you can also discover your basic equipment in the fight to gain confidence. Think of confidence as a muscle you need to develop so it will be strong, agile, and ready to use when you need it. Understand that acting confident isn’t being confident. Confidence is not acting. It’s being. It’s believing in yourself, not in a projection of what you think others want you to be. In the same token, you don’t ever want to be accused of appearing superior, flaunting your success, or acting like you know it all. Know that confidence can get you in the door, but if you want to be invited back, use that confidence to show you are a team player.

1. “Dear Future Self”
Let’s kill any negative inner vices inside of you. Reference the lists you made from the Challenge 2: Allure submissions, the physical and emotional attributes that are unique and wonderful about you. Now, accentuate the positive! From these lists of attributes, write a short letter to your future self. Make it fun, affirm all of your best qualities, and explain to yourself why you deserve to be confident in any situation.

Dear Self,
You work hard to show others the beauty you posses inside throw kind words and deeds. You deserve to feel loved and you are worthy of respect. You have overcome many challenges that you can look back on and feel confident today that things will work out in your favor. Reward yourself with frequent trips the spa and if you low on cash buy some new polish and paint your toes! 

Your Past Self

2. Your Golden Moment
Envision a moment where you win a gold medal at the Olympics. What is your sport and what country do you represent? Next, set up your camera, leaving it poised for you to set off the auto-timer when you’re ready for it to shoot. Play your confidence theme song and snap your Gold Medal self-portrait.
 My sport is Football for the USA of course!
3. Fear Factor/ Eye Am In Control
Isolate something that scares you. Once you pick something, try to deduce what about it makes you afraid. Think back on a moment of weakness you had in the face of this. Get your camera ready and stare deep into the lens. Give your most courageous look and take a self-portrait.
I'm afraid of big dogs. They bite and are too friendly and that's what makes me feel uncomfortable and nervous.

*Most of the material published in this series is reproduced from notes in part or whole from Nigel Barker's book The Beauty Equation.


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