Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Essential Makeup Brushes

Several people have messaged me about where to start with makeup, of course my answer is always skincare. Periodically I will add on to what product and tools are essential to a makeup kit both personal and professional. I also plan to create how-to videos and downloadable content for those who wish to know more about the art and science of makeup. When you've prepped your beautiful canvas, like any artist, you need your tools. A makeup artist has many tools and makeup brushes are a very important part of a kit. There are a wide variety of makeup brushes. They come in different sizes and texture, synthetic and natural fibers, tight and loose. Each brush can be used for a different purpose or multiple purposes from packing, patting and blending to setting and sweeping. These are a few starter brushes that are essential for creating a flawless face.

Powder Brush
Powder Brush - I use two different "powder" brushes, the traditional powder brush and the second a very small one to reach under my eyes and on my cheeks with a lighter or transparent powder. My traditional powder brush is a very fluffy full blush brush I sweep around my perimeter, under my cheeks, around my temples, and across my chin and fore head.

Blush Brush
 Blush Brush - There are some who prefer the blush brush and use it as a multipurpose brush, especially for contouring, but I am in love with my contour brush that I use to draw a line under my cheeks with purple blush... I really define my cheeks and add dimension to my face. I use my oval blush brush to place a brighter blush over my contour line.

Full Shadow Brush
Shadow Brush - These come in various sizes for different types of placement. I prefer having a few different sizes for different looks.  The most useful, has been one with tight hairs that covers the entire eyelid by patting or packing on color.  The other would be a loose haired eyeshadow brush for blending colors.

Angled Wedge Brush
Angled Wedge Brush - A stiff angled wedge brush helps to perfectly line your eyes with creme eyeliner.

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