Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tarte' Gifted Mascara Review

I am getting over a really bad cold of some sort and so my posts have been as weak as I felt. I actually got sick the same day as a major supporter/follower's bday party that I had planned to attend. Had my toes done up and everything! I felt so bad that I couldn't make it to the party, but I remembered that she asked me to do a review on one of her favorite products and so I figured I could make it up to her this way. So happy belated bday Nicole L. This post was a request you made and I hope you find it interesting!

Tarte' Gifted Mascara in Black
Price: $20 w/ taxes

Where did I find it: Sephora

My Thoughts: At first I thought it was very expensive for a mascara. I usually just use something from the drug store, mostly Loreal or Iman which is under 10 bucks. This cost twice as much and the wand wasn't that impressive. The packaging is made out of wood and all of Tarte's products are cruelty free. So, I figured the brand and packaging are what bring this product up in price.  I wasn't expecting it to give me such long lashes that stand out, but I absolutely love the difference wearing this mascara makes on my entire look. My eyes look like I'm wearing falsies... My lashes def got their bang for my buck! See for your self.

Mascara packaging

See the difference in the left eye (no mascara) right eye (mascara)

See the difference in the left eye (no mascara) right eye (mascara)

Both eyes have mascara

Full face w/ mascara

The mascara wand

Full face again

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