Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How often should you change your makeup brushes? (A Reader Question)

Brushes can last a long time with proper care and usage. There is no need to buy a million brushes as long as you have your essentials you can wash them and they will last longer. For deep cleaning I suggest washing them with your hair conditioner every 1 - 2 weeks. If you are an aspiring makeup artist and use your brushes on several clients, wash them more often (between every new gig). Always throw sponges away... Some people like to wash them but they hold mold and bacteria... You can also spray your brushes with brush cleaner in between uses - for aspiring makeup artist between every new client. I currently use MAC Brush Cleanser, but I will be switching to Parian Spirit because it is a much better disinfectant. I have posted the links below and a video clip that shows you exactly what to use and the cleansing process. For more info you should also read this post on

How often do you clean and wash your brushes? What products do you use? Share, Comment and Subscribe!

MAC Brush Cleanser - $26.99 

Parian Spirit - $18

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