Friday, September 2, 2011

The Science of Makeup: Tummy-ache? It Could be Your Lipstick!

Have you been complaining of digestive problems? I read this article on Celiac Disease that gave me insight as to what gluten-free really means. “It has been said that a women eats up to four pounds of lipstick in her lifetime,” said Kristin Adams, founder of Afterglow Cosmetics according to Gluten Free Fox. If that's true, and you are gluten-sensitive, you may need to make a personal choice to use products with natural ingredients. The challenge in that is knowing what's really in your lipstick. The author also addresses labels on lipstick and lipglosses that claim to be gluten-free. At this time products don't have any legal standards that have to be met in regards to gluten. Read more about how gluten, even in your lipstick, can affect you here.

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