Monday, August 1, 2011

Where do you go for makeup and fashion ideas?

On so many occasions I look for something new or different for me to do with fashion and makeup. I've been working on the Lucky Life Editor challenge with My Creative Team (Whom I'll be introducing each character/member on real soon. Stay tuned!) I asked Marcelous the stylist/wardrobe consultant where he goes to get ideas for men's fashion. To my surprise he answered Tumblr. I know that many people rely on the internet to find things, especially for online shopping, this however, is a different concept. Click his name to follow his Tumblr and check out these inspiring pics I found on Tumblr. If you didn't know Blushing Ambers has a Tumblr, as well. Follow us too! In the comments below, tell us where you go to find makeup and fashion inspiration.



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