Tuesday, September 13, 2011

5 Ways to Change Your Makeup For the Fall Season

Weather Change = Makeup Change

As summer comes to a close, our tans will fade and the sunkissed dewy skin that we love so much won't be the face of the Fall season. Here are 5 quick ways to get you makeup ready for Fall looks.

1. Wear Darker Shades of Lipstick.
Wearing a deep violet purple or brick reds and browns are great lip colors for the fall season. They take your look from youthful and playful Summer fun to sexy and mature Fall fierce.

2. Find Your True Foundation Color.
The foundation you used in the Summer should be darker than the foundation you will use in the Fall. You will need to find the color that matches the closest for your skin in the Fall after your tan begins to fade.

3. Go Glam with Smokey Eye looks.
There are several ways to glam up your look with smokey eye looks. Use colors like black, plum, and hunter green.

4. Blacken Your Bottom Lashline.
Don't forget to add black eyeliner your bottom lashline. This draws attention to your eyes and creates a more sultry good-girl-gone-bad look.

5. Cut the Crease.
Cutting the crease of your eye with black creme or gel eyeliner adds depth to any dramatic eye look. Be sure to blend the creme upward. Click here for a tutorial.

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