Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Dear reader,

Today marks the 1st full year that Blushing Ambers has been in existence. As it's author/owner I have worked hard to provide both great design and content that is relevant, educational, and entertaining. You may have noticed our recent changes to the design. Special thanks to one of our readers, Omar who volunteer to help us in that area. Over the time we've expanded, I can honestly say that we have an intimate engaging community online via twitter, facebook and now myspace. I am currently seeking other venues to communicate with more readers like you. Be looking for more makeup and beauty tutorials (as they have been highly requested) and even webinars, actual live presentations that have chatting capabilities for you to ask me all of your beauty and makeup questions as you watch me do demos. If there is anything that you would like to see Blushing Ambers provide, please email me at

Another great way that we learn more about you as our dedicated fans/followers/visitors is through our surveys. Please take the time to fill out the surveys that may come up from time to time and are posted on Facebook. This gives us great detail on what your interests are so that I can tailor posts to what you want.

Last, I'd like to thank each subscriber. The encouraging words and continual support has helped me to write on days when I don't feel that I have anything worth reading. Those are the days I receive the most comments and for that I am truly grateful. To show my appreciation I would like to give a special present to each of you. I have created a newsletter to keep you all updated and informed, but most importantly to send you FREE documents, the latest of which is a new PDF, The Look Book. Once you subscribe to the newsletter, you will begin to receive free products, like The Look Book and other offers for exclusive events and giveaways.

Thanks again for your dedication and I hope that you will continue on this journey of beauty blogging with me. Deuces!

- Amberly

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