Saturday, September 17, 2011

What is Body Dysmorphic Disorder?

If you haven't had a chance to check out our media kit, Please do! It not only talks about our demographics that we receive from various surveys about our readers but sheds light on our philanthropic cause, Body Dysmorphic Disorder known as BDD. BDD is an unhealthy obsession with a perceived physical flaw. The Broken Mirror published a study done by its author Dr. Kathrarine Philips, involving over 500 patients, where “skin” proved to be a common concern among 73%. Some concerns with skin may be acne and even hyper-pigmentation, which is skin discoloration or dark spots that may have been formed from acne. Some other conditions may be the size or structure of the forehead or nose. In these cases, BDD suffers may wear certain clothing to hide the appearance of the perceived defect, stand or sit in awkward positions and many times seek cosmetic surgery to alter their appearance. Those obsessed with their flaws completely alter their way of living and may become isolated and refuse to leave their home. People with BDD can receive counseling and should consult with a doctor before their conditions worsen. BDD suffers may experience depression and suicidal thoughts. Many people do not understand just how serious BDD can be to someone. For this reason I have included videos in the media kit, but I would also like to share two of them with you. Click the links below to watch the videos. If you found this topic interesting you may want to read "Too Ugly for Love"


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