Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ruby Kisses Twitter Giveaway - I won!

You may recall a former post where I told you several ways to get great deals on your makeup or even find it free. Well, here is a great example for you. I follow Ruby Kisses (@loverubykisses), a makeup and beauty brand on Twitter. I was not even aware that they were doing a giveaway, so when I won, I found out via email and a text. Just goes to show you how easy it is to get free products on the web. Pics and the product list are below.

Product List:
Invisible (RRSP01) - HD Setn'Forget, 16hr flawless rub proof wear setting powder
HD 24/7 (GEB01) -  Gel Liner Brush
Glitz N' Gold (GLE02) - Bling Liquid Eyeliner
Carbon Black (LLE01) - Never Smudge Liquid Eyeliner
Very Black (LAL01 - 24hr Eye Define
Vailla Biscotti (RESC04) - Duo Eyeshadow Palette
Raspberry Truffle (RESC05) - Duo Eyeshadow Palette
Very Black (BLM01) - Big Lash Mascara
Bronze Shimmer (GES06) - HD Gel Liner
Rich Black (GES01) - HD Gel Liner
Vintage Pink (HDP26) - Nail Polish
Mediterranean Nightsky (HDP20) - Nail Polish
...and of course the cute bag these items came in.

Love it. Thanks Ruby Kisses!

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