Wednesday, January 18, 2012

NOTD: The Artistry in Painting Nails by Kalisha Cartharn

It's been a while since Blushing Ambers has had a Nail of the Day (NOTD), but guest blogger Kalisha Cartharn is putting a "spotlight on natural nails" today, telling us how we can create art without glue and acrylic... With these looks, you'll have no reason to go get a fill-in. All you need is your natural nail bed, brushes and your favorite colors of nail polish.

Nails maybe less than an inch or so wide but that leaves an open canvas of self expression. Long, short, natural, colors, pierced, jagged and the list goes on. For years we have done some wild and crazy things with nails and nail art, but as of late the "Au Naturale" look seems to be the latest craze. Along with animal prints and bright colors, who could blame a girl for wanting to keep up with these sassy trends. So one could definitely appreciate this week's spotlight on natural nails. 

Natural nails are for sure making a comeback for 2012, it makes the perfect canvas for self expression. Starting with last year's "Crackle" polish fad, it is now onto vibrant loud colors and a personal favorite, solid colored nails showcased with a different color or print on one nail.

Using your hands as a canvas opens the door to so many levels of self expression such as prints. I must admit I am super simple and basic when it comes to my nails; I keep them short & sweet with an acrylic overlay to help keep them sturdy. However I have officially fallen victim to the latest craze of print “Spot Light” nails. I was introduced to this style by a local Nail Specialist Shanda Tingelstad (Working Wonders Barbershop). With over 20 years in the business who else would be more qualified to show great styles. A personal favorite polish line would be Sinful. Sinful offers a variety of bright and vibrant colors to paint with. Check out Shanda’s personal styling of the spotlight nail (Cheetah Style). 

The color (Let’s Talk) by Sinful is actually a deep purple complimented with a Cheetah Spotlight nails. No worries no need to be or even see a professional for this look several brands now offer the convenience of nail strips. Stay tuned for a look into the DIY nail strip styling’s and video to follow. Whether you like to walk on the wild side or just K.I.S.S (Keeping it Simple & Sassy) the natural look is one to take over in 2012.

This has been a guest blog post by Kalisha Cartharn. Please leave her lots of love and comments. You can also reach her by email at


  1. Super cute! I'll have to try it out, for now I just need Kalisha to tell me how to NOT smear the polish all over the place. ^o^

  2. Thanks for reading. I will make sure she sees this. Perhaps she can explain that in a future post with blushing ambers.


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