Tuesday, January 31, 2012

NOTD: Birthday Cake Sprinkles

I am so excited to share this guest blog post from one of my makeup friends on Facebook. She truly has a talent with both words and as a manicurist. She is not afraid to think outside of the box or be original. It's evident with her birthday nails. Please show her some love by leaving comments.

I'm usually more of a professional nail care type of girl. Meaning I'm more about the health of my nails first and foremost and then a professional two coats of color and I'm good. But, every now and again, girls just wanna have fun! When I turned the big 3-0, I knew I had to do something just as big and fun with my manicure. :-) So, I  had created a birthday nail design for my night and it was a big hit! What I love most about this design is that natural nail wearers and office girls (like I was formerly) are able to get in on the fun. It's temporary without the commitment of nail enhancements (acrylic/gel). Need a design that's jazzy just for the weekend, but it's back to corporate culture Monday morning? This is for you!

What You Need:
Clean natural nails
French nail tips
Pastry sprinkles
Nail applique adhesive
Clear top coat
Nail adhesive

I took my clean natural nails and applied purple french nail tips to my free edges with nail adhesive made for bonding tips to natural nails. I used this style of tips because they're thin enough where no buffing is needed. Once nail tips were added, I applied nail applique adhesive, which is made for adding an assortment of appliques to nails. This adhesive was placed on top of the nail tips. I then sprinkled pastry sprinkles (yes the edible kind) on top of the adhesive and followed up with more adhesive to seal them to the nail. Last, I applied a clear top coat to the entire nail- cuticle to tip, and viola- birthday nails!!!!  Enjoy!   :-) 

~ Miss Le
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Occupation: Esthetician/Manicurist  

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