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The Beauty Equation Challenge 4: Compassion

Today, Blushing Ambers received a shout out on Nigel Barker's Facebook and Fan Page.  His book is such an inspiration and so my self as well as other bloggers have joined together in an effort to encourage our readers to join us in our journey to find our Beauty Equation.  To find out what this is all about, read up on the Beauty Equation Challenge here.  My postings are notes on key points from Nigel's book. So far in our readings, Nigel has taught us about 2 characteristics of beauty, Allure and Confidence. Today's teach is on Compassion. Compassion is the most important characteristic of beauty in my opinion. I strive as a beauty blogger to write topics that place value on self worth and self love and many times we can show self love through our compassion to others. Here's what Nigel wants us to know about Compassion.

Teach: Compassion – to be aware of the world’s troubles and do something about it

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” – Dalai Lama

Learning From Our Elders
Think about your grandmother or a woman who has been like a grandmother to you. Picture her in your head. Would you describe her as beautiful? She is beautiful because you see her as such and that is likely because of your long relationship with her. She was always highly aware of your needs and instinctually did anything in her power to make you better, happier, and more safe and secure. She is the definition of compassion.

Understand that compassion begins with you and ends with someone else. It's about doing for others. Self-love comes from within. It’s about knowing who you are while accurately perceiving what is going on around you so that you effortlessly project the most beautiful you.

If you want to set an example, be that example. Don’t just bark out what the example should be.

Keep It Close to Home: Use What You Do to Help Others
- Volunteer to use your talents for an organization or individual that needs help
- We need to love one another in order to bring love to ourselves

It’s Nice to Be Nice to the Nice
Every little bit helps. Everyone can do something to effect change. For inspiration, take a look at the CNN Heroes (“Everyday People Changing the World”) website (www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/cnn.heroes/)

Baby Steps
Perform simple acts of kindness. When you go out of your way for people, you get a greater return on your investment. Showing common courtesy, leading by example, having an open heart, and actively going out of your way to help others is single-handedly the easiest way to build your own sense of worth, which will naturally build your confidence. A feeling of self-worth communicates a special, modest confidence.

“If you want others to be happy practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion” – Dalai Lama

Remember! No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.

Quick List: Things We Learned in Grade School That Still Go a Long Way
1.   Smile
2.   Say please and thank-you
3.   Pay someone a compliment
4.   Hold the door for someone
5.   Do a funny dance (make someone laugh)

“I have always had a deep sense of compassion for others, especially young women like myself. In order to pursue my dreams the way I wanted, I had to push aside negative self-images and learn compassion, forgiveness, and belief within myself. There I found confidence, courage, and beauty. – Naima Mora, ANTM winner

Humans Can Be Humane
“When we hurt the planet, we hurt ourselves.” – Nigel

1. If I Could Change The World
Think about the things in the world that bother you. What people or situations do you feel could be better if only they had a little tender loving care? What things close to home could be improved? Try to isolate 5 things you think need help in your world. Just concentrate on what you would change if you could. Research the things you could do to help with these causes. Now, record both the cause and what what can be done to be apart of the solution and email them to BlushingAmbers@gmail.com

1. World Hunger -  Participate in the Hunger Walk for the Greater Food Depository of Chicago
2. Body Dysmorphic Disorder - Create awareness through programming
3. Sustaining the Earth - Lower my carbon footprint
4. Poverty - Volunteer for programs in the community
5. Gang violence - Be a mentor 

2. Feeling the Love
Channel the spirit of someone close to you who you think of as a caring and compassionate person towards you. In this moment, try to love yourself the way someone else does. Look toward the camera through their eyes and imagine the camera is you. Take a self-portrait. Along with your picture, send me an email of the name of the person who's spirit you channeled while taking your photo at BlushingAmbers@gmail.com
Channeling my mother

3. Show Some Empathy
Isolate one of the five things you came up with in the writing exercise. Pick the one of most importance to you that you feel needs YOUR help. Truly feel your desire to help, to make a difference, to affect the situation. Whatever your reaction, set up your camera and show me through your eyes the compassion you have. Take a self-portrait and email it to me with your chosen cause and the emotion you were portraying to BlushingAmbers@gmail.com.
My Cause: Body Dysmorphic Disorder Awareness/Emotion:Caring

4. Make That Change!
Imagine yourself contributing to the cause and finding a solution and change for the thing you perceived to need help. Take a self-portrait and email it to me with your chosen cause and the emotion you were portraying to BlushingAmbers@gmail.com
Cause:Body Dysmorphic Disorder/Emotion:Fearless!
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