Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Beauty Equation Challenge 5: Spontaneity

We are currently on our 5th Challenge of Nigel Barker's Beauty Equation, spontaneity. The responses I have received from readers/followers has been great. Continue to submit your challenge submissions and find them here. Previously we discovered 3 other components of beauty (Allure, Confidence, and Compassion). Jump right in and send me your challenge submission as myself and other beauty bloggers and our readers reveal all the things that make us beautiful. For more info see the Introduction Challenge post.

Spontaneity - to be curious, creative, offbeat, magnetic, and flexible. According to Nigel Barker, "[Spontaneity] It's the science of things coming together".  At first I couldn't understand why this would be a characteristic of beauty. Then it hit me, people are most beautiful when we capture them in their most natural state. That's why when you take a picture of someone laughing, the photo usually comes out as a good picture. The feeling we have when we laugh is a moment where we are not in control of our body. It's a moment of freedom.

Today's challenges are very specific to the content in Nigel's book and in order to make it possible for those who aren't able to read along, I created my own challenge for you all to follow.

1. Create a play list of at least 5 songs that are about being spontaneous. Send me the song titles or links to their youtube videos in an email to

Sadiddy by Brandy
Blindfold Me by Kelis

Let's Go Crazy by Prince

Thubthumping by Chumbawamba

Shut Up and Drive by Rhianna

2. Find a candid photo that was taken that you like and explain what's happening in the photo and why you think you look beautiful in it.
I chose this pic from my 24th surprise birthday party my friends threw me because it truly was a spontaneous reaction. You can see the gum in my mouth because I couldn't control the expression on my face, my mouth opened really wide. The picture is much more prettier without the explanation, but I hope you understand that these details are the examples of true freedom of expression. It's me in a live, candid moment and I think I'm beautiful!

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